I love photography, music, writing, and exploring literature.  These forms of media are a piece of history and a mirror to our society.  Throughout my adolescent and adult years, these passions have been my foundation for living, my constants regardless of what my profession was or where home was.

As an airman in the United States Air Force, I explored my love for photography.  During that time, I visited Colorado, California, and (what was) West Germany.  I enjoyed making new friends, learning of foreign lifestyles and cultures, and engaging in new experiences.  I was thrilled with what I was doing and understood that whatever job I was doing in the military, my contributions and sacrifices made a difference to the global community.

Following my enlistment I obtained an Associates of Applied Science degree in Business Technology and Administration.  I have also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Boise State University, as well as several academic honors, including two merit scholarships and admission to Sigma Tau Delta.  Currently, I am completing the Master’s program in English Literature at Mercy College in New York.

During my travels, I have had a number of careers.  Today, I am a writer, a poet, yet also a teacher.  Even when I was not a teacher by title or trade, a teacher is what I have been to my children and to those that worked for me.  In twenty years I have not felt as comfortable with or as passionate about what I am doing as I do when I am in the classroom.

I have learned that what I disliked most about the jobs I held was the realizations that, like the paper and pencil I would use or procure, I was a resource.  My work meant nothing unless a “bottom line” was met in some office on some ledger in some place I would never see.  I have turned my back on that way of life.  I have been my happiest when I have contributed to something I believed in and when I am helping make a difference to someone, not something.  I am now reminded of what is important to me.

The world is changing exponentially on economic, social, and political levels. We have plenty of people that are adept at meeting the “bottom line”.  We need to cultivate a populace that will meet this changing world with an open mind and a sense of risk.

My goal is to help others open their minds and develop their sense of risk while continuing to use my passion for writing and literature as a vehicle to communicate.

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